33% In 3 Days!

You guys are the best!

We reached 33% of our goal in 3 days. We’re closing in on $1800!

We’re so thankful for everyone’s support and for spreading the word. It means a lot to us and your kind gestures will be remembered until we become….zombies.

We couldn’t be happier with the positive momentum but let’s keep it going until we reach the goal.

We’re working harder than ever to get the word out and here’s our plan so far:

– Passing out flyers this weekend at D-23 (Disney convention).

– Talking to collectible shops to get their support.

– In discussion with a Zombie Run promoter, to see how we can help with their event.

– Hitting up as many zombie/nerd sites as possible. We’re hoping they’ll pick up the project and inform their readers.

Please remind your social circle about the project, about 6-7 days! Here’s something you can copy and paste to FB, Twitter, etc. It includes the link to the page:

“Help us raise these shirts from the dead! http://kck.st/15AX2EH
Tee No Evil – Zany Zombie Shirt!”

We’re not resting until the campaign is over. THANKS again for your help!

To take a break from all the insanity, we’ve made a fun behind the scenes video of “Zombie Apocalypse.” I hope you guys enjoy it!

Thanks again for your help 🙂

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