Rewards Shipped & EXCLUSIVE preview of new design

ello backers!

We’re happy to announce we’ve shipped all of the rewards including the shirts!  This includes the international backers.

It was shipped yesterday and most of you will get it by tomorrow or Saturday.  About 2 weeks for international shipping.

We worked non stop for a full day to make sure you guys get it as soon as possible.  After all, we couldn’t have done it with your support.

If you have instagram and/or twitter, please share a pic of the shirt.  Also any goodies you got from us would be great.  Please hashtag it:


Sharing your shirts and rewards on Facebook with friends and family would be great as well!

The quality of the shirts came out excellent.  We’re proud and happy that you guys will finally be able to wear it!

Below is the preview of the newest design (I’ll post a high res pic of the design in 24 hours), along with all of the packages getting ready to be taken to the post office.  At this point, we were working for 16 hours with a 4 hour nap in between.

As Backers, you guys get an exclusive first look!

Please also follow us for the latest Tee No Evil news and updates on:

You guys have been great!  As always, if you have any questions/comments/suggestions, send me a message or comment below.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and support!

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