Goal Achieved – Thanks!

Thank you so much everyone!

About 10 minutes ago, a pledge came in that got us over the goal.

We’re overjoyed right now. Still hard to believe that it just happened.

What’s easy to understand is that we couldn’t have done this without you guys.  From the very beginning, you guys believed in us.  This was a total collaboration.  For example, the video took a lot of manpower.  It took roommates, family, strangers, De La O students & family, friends of friends to make a 2 minute video.

With the way the campaign was going, there’d be a time when several people pledged around the same time, followed by 1 or 2 pledges the next 3 days.  But once there was a lull on the pledge, someone would step up and contribute a big amount to get the momentum going again.  We saw this several time and that’s what makes this project so special.  You guys are so caring and we can’t thank you enough!

The last 24 hours was pretty crazy…in a good way.  Several people donated in the morning after the update.  In the afternoon, it picked up even more as more donations came in.  At night, it continued.  After midnight, the pledge was made that got us over $5,000!

By Tuesday, we’ll be sending out a survey so you can let us know what shirt(s) you want (size, style, etc).  We’ll provide another graph so you have easy reference on the designs.  We’ll give you about a week to respond.  Then we’re going to print the shirts.  Our goal is to ship the shirts and rewards by September 27th.

My brother and I will be working hard to make sure you guys get your rewards on time.  With Apples and Oranges and Ink Press as our partners, I’m confident this won’t be an issue.

Thanks again for everyone’s support.  You guys are too awesome!

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