Close To The Finish Line

Thanks to your generous contribution, we’ve raised $3,331 (67%) of our $5,000 goal with exactly 10 days left to go.

Over the weekend, we setup a booth at the Zombie Blood Run and contributed original artwork for an American Red Cross & St Baldrick’s Foundation charity event. The event was a lot of fun and it was great mingling with zombie lovers. Afterwards, we handed out flyers at Old Town Pasadena for a couple of hours.

The artwork given away!

Last night we were at Huntington Beach’s Farmers Market and handed out more flyers. I think this might be another event where we can sell our shirts in the future. Every step taken to promote the project has been a great learning experience.

Most local universities are starting on Monday so we’ll be in full force informing the students about the project.

We’re also promoting it through Instagram and submitting the project to as many websites as possible.

This weekend, we’re going back to Huntington Beach for an art exhibit closing reception where Paul Frank and Ed Hardy will be speaking. We’ll make sure to take notes and learn from these successful shirt designers.

The next 10 days will be hectic but we’re motivated more than ever to finish strong!  Our philosophy still stands, we’re not resting until we reach our goal.

You guys have been awesome with your support!! Please remind everyone time is running out and any help is appreciated.

Thanks again for your help 🙂

Francis & Franco

PS – We’re adding a new $200 reward for personalized sketches because the $175 reward sold out (your artwork will be upgraded to a size of 9 x 12, similar to the new reward).

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