Events Update

After we shipped the shirts in mid October, we scrambled and we have attended 5 events so far.  This included a comic convention, an art walk, and a ZOMBIE walk!

The feedback has been great and our shirts were even shown on the local news:

Without your support, we wouldn’t have been able to attend this many events because the vendor fees add up quick.

Our shirts are also carried by 3 stores so far:

Half Off Book Store

Comic Book Hideout

Geeky Mamas

Thanks again for everyone’s help.  I’m going to create the “Thank You” page on our site, tonight.  You guys are the best and we hoped you guys had a great Thanksgiving.

We’re still working hard and keep pushing for new and fun designs.

Below has been our adventure! You can follow us: – Shirt account – My brother’s personal art

Rewards Shipped & EXCLUSIVE preview of new design

ello backers!

We’re happy to announce we’ve shipped all of the rewards including the shirts!  This includes the international backers.

It was shipped yesterday and most of you will get it by tomorrow or Saturday.  About 2 weeks for international shipping.

We worked non stop for a full day to make sure you guys get it as soon as possible.  After all, we couldn’t have done it with your support.

If you have instagram and/or twitter, please share a pic of the shirt.  Also any goodies you got from us would be great.  Please hashtag it:


Sharing your shirts and rewards on Facebook with friends and family would be great as well!

The quality of the shirts came out excellent.  We’re proud and happy that you guys will finally be able to wear it!

Below is the preview of the newest design (I’ll post a high res pic of the design in 24 hours), along with all of the packages getting ready to be taken to the post office.  At this point, we were working for 16 hours with a 4 hour nap in between.

As Backers, you guys get an exclusive first look!

Please also follow us for the latest Tee No Evil news and updates on:

You guys have been great!  As always, if you have any questions/comments/suggestions, send me a message or comment below.

Thanks again everyone for your patience and support!

Success – We Can’t Thank You Enough :)

Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your help and contribution!  We raised more funds than we ever thought we could.  With the extra funds, we’ll be able to create more designs and setup booths at more events!  This was a total team effort.  I was talking to an employee of Half Off  Bookstore  (they’ll carry our shirts and also made a pledge) yesterday and he asked how many people were directly involved with the project.  Here’s what I told him:

“My brother and I launched the Kickstarter campaign but I’d say a couple of hundred were directly involved.  This includes backers from all over the world, friends, family, art/zombie communities and strangers sharing the project on social sites and just spreading the word in general. Because of you guys the project was a success.”

It wasn’t a rehearsed answer, it’s what I felt when he asked me.  Afterwards, I thought about my response and I still believe in it 100%.  It sounds cliche but it’s true, we couldn’t have done this without you!

We’ll try to send out the survey tomorrow so you guys can tell us what design/size/style you guys want.  I already talked to our shirt printer on Saturday and made sure it’ll be ready by late September.

Thanks again and have a great week 🙂

Franco & Francis

Image 319741 full

Goal Achieved – Thanks!

Thank you so much everyone!

About 10 minutes ago, a pledge came in that got us over the goal.

We’re overjoyed right now. Still hard to believe that it just happened.

What’s easy to understand is that we couldn’t have done this without you guys.  From the very beginning, you guys believed in us.  This was a total collaboration.  For example, the video took a lot of manpower.  It took roommates, family, strangers, De La O students & family, friends of friends to make a 2 minute video.

With the way the campaign was going, there’d be a time when several people pledged around the same time, followed by 1 or 2 pledges the next 3 days.  But once there was a lull on the pledge, someone would step up and contribute a big amount to get the momentum going again.  We saw this several time and that’s what makes this project so special.  You guys are so caring and we can’t thank you enough!

The last 24 hours was pretty crazy…in a good way.  Several people donated in the morning after the update.  In the afternoon, it picked up even more as more donations came in.  At night, it continued.  After midnight, the pledge was made that got us over $5,000!

By Tuesday, we’ll be sending out a survey so you can let us know what shirt(s) you want (size, style, etc).  We’ll provide another graph so you have easy reference on the designs.  We’ll give you about a week to respond.  Then we’re going to print the shirts.  Our goal is to ship the shirts and rewards by September 27th.

My brother and I will be working hard to make sure you guys get your rewards on time.  With Apples and Oranges and Ink Press as our partners, I’m confident this won’t be an issue.

Thanks again for everyone’s support.  You guys are too awesome!

Final Home Stretch

Hey everyone,

Thanks again for your help and joining us on this exciting journey!  We’ve raised $4,500 so far.  I know we can do it.

Over the weekend, we attended a panel discussion at the Huntington Beach Art CenterDon “Ed Hardy” and Paul Frank gave us great advice after the event.  We’ll implement their advice with our business plan to make sure our venture is even more efficient.  They also signed our flyer and wished us luck.  Mr. Frank even asked us if he could keep a flyer so he can follow the project, that was really cool!

Don “Ed Hardy”

Paul Frank

For the past 2 days, we went back to our old school of Cal State University Fullerton (CSUF).  We were handing out flyers to the students and putting up posters in every building.  I can’t believe it’s already been 7 years since I graduated from CSUF, I feel old!!

I’ve also been Twitting and will continue to do so until the project ends.  2 of the artists we look up to, supported us and retwitted our Kickstarter link:

Greg Capullo (Batman)
Rafael Alburquerque (American Vampire)

More websites also mentioned us including:
Nerd-fu Podcast 
– It’s around the 41 minute mark, really good endorsement from them.

I know we’ve been saying this plenty of times but we’re really grateful of your support.  Your pledge and sharing the project on FB means a lot to us.  Thank so you much for believing in us.  Your words of encouragement keeps us motivated and gives us new ideas.  I’m going to stop writing now because I’m getting teary eyed.

Below is a scene that pumps me up every time I see it.  I hope it has the same effect on you.

Let’s finish strong and achieve our goal!

Close To The Finish Line

Thanks to your generous contribution, we’ve raised $3,331 (67%) of our $5,000 goal with exactly 10 days left to go.

Over the weekend, we setup a booth at the Zombie Blood Run and contributed original artwork for an American Red Cross & St Baldrick’s Foundation charity event. The event was a lot of fun and it was great mingling with zombie lovers. Afterwards, we handed out flyers at Old Town Pasadena for a couple of hours.

The artwork given away!

Last night we were at Huntington Beach’s Farmers Market and handed out more flyers. I think this might be another event where we can sell our shirts in the future. Every step taken to promote the project has been a great learning experience.

Most local universities are starting on Monday so we’ll be in full force informing the students about the project.

We’re also promoting it through Instagram and submitting the project to as many websites as possible.

This weekend, we’re going back to Huntington Beach for an art exhibit closing reception where Paul Frank and Ed Hardy will be speaking. We’ll make sure to take notes and learn from these successful shirt designers.

The next 10 days will be hectic but we’re motivated more than ever to finish strong!  Our philosophy still stands, we’re not resting until we reach our goal.

You guys have been awesome with your support!! Please remind everyone time is running out and any help is appreciated.

Thanks again for your help 🙂

Francis & Franco

PS – We’re adding a new $200 reward for personalized sketches because the $175 reward sold out (your artwork will be upgraded to a size of 9 x 12, similar to the new reward).

Great news & more great news!

Hey everyone,

We’re closing in on $2,500 and almost halfway to reaching our goal.  We have 17 days left and we’re on track to reach our goal.  But like we always say, we can’t rest easy until the goal is reached.

The weekend was fun and we covered several events:

– We were lucky enough to attend a creative writing Zombie Apocalypse graduation in Culver City.  Our experience in our blog.  It was really cool seeing kids excited about education!

My brother sharing his prints with the students.

– Afterwards, we went to the Disney convention and handed out our flyers for the rest of the day.  Several people wanted to buy the shirts on the spot and we explained to them how Kickstarter works.  I also met up Daren, he’s doing a Kickstarter project for his short horror film.  Please check out his project.

– Sunday, my brother worked on his sketches that we’ll be giving away at the Zombie Run this upcoming Saturday.  We’ll be there the whole day spreading the word.

– I passed out more flyers at local shops.  One bookstore really liked the designs and wants to carry our line once it’s printed!  How cool is that?

Nerdfu and several facebook zombie fanpages gave us a shoutout.

The project is progressing nicely but please help us spread the word!

You guys are awesome.  Thanks for everyone’s help!

33% In 3 Days!

You guys are the best!

We reached 33% of our goal in 3 days. We’re closing in on $1800!

We’re so thankful for everyone’s support and for spreading the word. It means a lot to us and your kind gestures will be remembered until we become….zombies.

We couldn’t be happier with the positive momentum but let’s keep it going until we reach the goal.

We’re working harder than ever to get the word out and here’s our plan so far:

– Passing out flyers this weekend at D-23 (Disney convention).

– Talking to collectible shops to get their support.

– In discussion with a Zombie Run promoter, to see how we can help with their event.

– Hitting up as many zombie/nerd sites as possible. We’re hoping they’ll pick up the project and inform their readers.

Please remind your social circle about the project, about 6-7 days! Here’s something you can copy and paste to FB, Twitter, etc. It includes the link to the page:

“Help us raise these shirts from the dead!
Tee No Evil – Zany Zombie Shirt!”

We’re not resting until the campaign is over. THANKS again for your help!

To take a break from all the insanity, we’ve made a fun behind the scenes video of “Zombie Apocalypse.” I hope you guys enjoy it!

Thanks again for your help 🙂