Great news & more great news!

Hey everyone,

We’re closing in on $2,500 and almost halfway to reaching our goal.  We have 17 days left and we’re on track to reach our goal.  But like we always say, we can’t rest easy until the goal is reached.

The weekend was fun and we covered several events:

– We were lucky enough to attend a creative writing Zombie Apocalypse graduation in Culver City.  Our experience in our blog.  It was really cool seeing kids excited about education!

My brother sharing his prints with the students.

– Afterwards, we went to the Disney convention and handed out our flyers for the rest of the day.  Several people wanted to buy the shirts on the spot and we explained to them how Kickstarter works.  I also met up Daren, he’s doing a Kickstarter project for his short horror film.  Please check out his project.

– Sunday, my brother worked on his sketches that we’ll be giving away at the Zombie Run this upcoming Saturday.  We’ll be there the whole day spreading the word.

– I passed out more flyers at local shops.  One bookstore really liked the designs and wants to carry our line once it’s printed!  How cool is that?

Nerdfu and several facebook zombie fanpages gave us a shoutout.

The project is progressing nicely but please help us spread the word!

You guys are awesome.  Thanks for everyone’s help!